terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Real Estate Blues

Oh I had a woman
so fine so fine so fine
tha' each day I woke up next to her
I couldn't believe she was mine

Then one day
Oh one damned day
I got home early
and she had gone away

since that moment
oh that damned moment
I never stopped feeling
a deep feeling of torment

after three years
three long years went by
she called me and said she loved me
but I knew it was a lie

never saw her again
didn't feel the need anymore
cos' I fell in love with a girl
the girl that I was lookin' for

I wished this was true
but its the result of too much booze
I'll just stop drinkin'
cos' I'm already flavorin' the blues

This is the end of my story
It was all a sham
but if your a fair girl
I can still be your man

1 comentário:

sofya disse...

não te sabia poeta..
está fixe sim senhor.
devias explorar esse talento, senhor gomes.